Patients’ obligations

To achieve high-quality and safe health care, patients are obliged to:

  • actively participate in the protection, strengthening and restoration of their health,
  • during illness, act in accordance with the professional instructions they receive and treatment plans for which their written consent has been given, 
  • provide the responsible doctor and other responsible health-care workers with all required and truthful information relating to their health condition of which they are aware and which are important for further health care, in particular data on current and past injuries and diseases, their treatment, genetic diseases, allergies and medication taken.
  • inform health-care workers about sudden changes in their health during treatment.
  • be respectful and considerate regarding the privacy and other rights of patients and health-care workers
  • respect the published schedules, house rules and prescribed organisational procedures of health-care service providers,
  • inform a health-care service provider, in due time, of a potential failure to appear for a scheduled appointment or treatment.

Pursuant to the General Practitioner Services Act, a doctor is not responsible for the course of treatment of a patient when the latter:
  • provides the doctor with false information on his/her state of health,
  • does not follow the doctor’s instructions,
  • does not participate in the protection, strengthening and restoration of his/her health.