Links to other institutions related to patient safety

In addition to supervisory bodies, patients may also contact the following institutions.

Human Rights Ombudsman

Within the scope of his tasks prescribed by law, the Ombudsman monitors the situation in the field of the implementation of patients' rights, and based on the situation, requires that the competent public authorities, local self-government bodies and holders of public authority ensure the conditions for the effective implementation of this Act. For this field, the Ombudsman shall appoint one of his deputies.

Information Commissioner

In the case of a violation of the right to be informed on health-care documentation pursuant to the Patients Rights Act, patients and other eligible persons have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner.

Public Sector Inspectorate

The Administrative Inspectorate within the Public Sector Inspectorate supervises, among other activities, administrative operations of the state administration bodies and other entities implementing administrative assignments on the basis of public authorisation (e.g. chambers with public authorisations).

Representatives of Patient's Rights

The Representative of Patients’ Rights provides counselling and assistance to patients, and represents them, in particular by:
  • providing appropriate counselling on the content of rights, and on the possibilities and methods of exercising them before or during treatment and in cases of their violation,
  • providing specific guidance on exercising the rights, and proposing possible solutions,
  • providing patients with assistance in submissions in legal proceedings. 
  • making necessary enquiries in relation to alleged violations by health-care providers, 
  • carrying out informal interventions with health-care providers for the rapid elimination of violations, 
  • referring patients to the competent legal or natural person or competent public authority if rights are not violated under this Act, 
  • lodging appeals under this Act in accordance with a patient’s authorisation, and making proposals, explanations and other statements on behalf of, and for the benefit of, the patient for the rapid and successful settlement of a dispute. 
The Representative provides patients with basic information, professional assistance and specific guidelines also for exercising their rights in the field of health care, health insurance and provision of health care services.

The work of the Representative is free of charge and confidential.